June 15, 2024
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Citizens for Humanity is a designer denim corporation out of California, in the great US of A. Made by the same makers as the originated, ‘7 for All Mankind’, and portion of all Citizens of Humanity sales are even donated to Conservation International. Though the company is known for its jeans (mens & womens) they also have a line of shirts, sweaters, and jackets. All of which have the common theme of a classy and sophisticated, yet trendy appeal. If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via https://phxbiker.com.

Despite the line up, the jeans are the most popular item of choice. There are seven different styles of their jeans, they go as follows:

  • “Kelly” is bootcut
  • “Ingrid” is flare
  • “Faye” is wide leg
  • “Ava” is straight leg
  • “Avedon” is skinny leg
  • “Paley” is ankle length skinny leg
  • “Bardot” is slim fit capri

The jeans are made to prevent the waist line from stretching with wear (often resulting in a nice peek of the cheeks). Instead they make their jeans to fit in all the right places, by using a different blend of materials. Most jeans are a stretch blend with 2% lycra but some are rigid (100% cotton). There is also a 2% polyurethane blend to hold the shape without sagging.

Citizens of Humanity jeans are signed with a version of the twisted “H” on their back pockets. Also, each season has it’s own special edition pockets that are never reissued, such as “the skull & bunny”, “peace”, and “the eagle.” Each season also puts out new and improved designer washes. COH jeans are manufactured in the USA while their fabulous denim is imported straight from Italy.

I’ve tried on Citizens of Humanity jeans before, and they’re adorable jeans… unless you have a butt. Then you might want to move to something else like Baby Phat. These jeans are basically made for the very slim and slender with a narrow margin. Overall though they are a great jean, with a great look, great fit, and they also give back to the community. What else could you ask for? Other than a lower price. The jeans will run you and your wallet, anywhere from $140 to $240 and maybe more, or somewhere in between.

Either way, being hip and happening may take a toll on your paychecks but at least you’ll be struttin’ in style!