July 24, 2024
A close up of a flower garden

Sedum is not a single type of plant. They are a genus of succulents that includes hundreds of varieties, and they are otherwise known as stonecrops. Their thick foliage stores abundant amounts of moisture, and they are capable of growing and thriving in harsh stone-covered locations. They are an ideal plant for the home landscape, and they can be used to embellish flowerbeds, gardens and planters in a number of creative ways.

I prefer sedum over other types of perennials since they are very hardy. Some make fantastic ground cover that naturally chokes out weeds, and others are quite colorful and unique. They can make a zone 5 landscape appear tropical, even if temps are less than sultry. I recently used a few creative ways to plant sedum in the landscape, and with proper care, it will provide immeasurable beauty for many years to come

Plant Creeping Sedum on and Along Staggered Landscape Blocks

Ordinary landscape blocks that have been stacked and slightly tiered are ideal places to plant sedum. Look for creeping varieties, and plant them along the inner top edge of the landscape. The sedum will naturally drape over the sides, and it will look absolutely gorgeous. Burro tail, baby tears and one or more of dozens of other creeping sedum varieties are ideal for staggering along landscape blocks.

Create a Rock Garden with Low Growing Sedum

Rock gardens can be quite beautiful, especially when they include low growing sedum. I created a rock garden within the landscape next to the house. I used rocks that I found in Arkansas, and I chose to plant low growing orange sedum, baby tears and hens and chicks. They looked fantastic amongst the beautiful rocks, and the finished design became the inspiration for a fairy garden that I am currently planning in the area.

Plant Autumn Joy Instead of Typical Shrubs

Sedum known as autumn joy can grow to huge proportions. My boyfriend has a few autumn joy plants in the landscape just beyond his back patio. They are large and round, and they are great alternatives to ordinary green shrubs. Autumn joy is easy to care for, and it produces hundreds of beautiful blooms each year.

Donkey Tail Sedum is Perfect for Hanging Baskets or Tall Planters

I love hanging baskets and tall planters in the landscape, but they dry out very quickly on hot summer days. Instead of choosing annuals such as petunias and other common flowers, I chose to plant donkey tail sedum in hanging baskets and in a couple of tall glazed landscape planters. The donkey tail sedum is highly unique in appearance, and it beautifully drapes over the edges of the pots. Best of all, it does not require a lot of water, and it can be slightly neglected and still survive.